One of the things that creates great communities and a better world are the individuals and groups that provide some level of support to the next generation. At WebTech Institute, we developed a program specifically for schools that are a part of the WebTech Kids program to get the support they need so that no child misses the opportunity to learn great foundational principles that can carry them into their adult lives.

You can become a sponsor for a WebTech Kids authorized facility and make your stake in the future of our children.

Simply fill out our brief Sponsor Form and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

As a sponsor you'll see your support immediately materialize as we provide you feedback on your sponsored school or child's progress. We'll also place your company logo on our sponsors' hall of fame page.

Sponsorship Packages

Bronze - $255.00
Provide a sponsorship for a single child and have your company or individual name listed in our sponsor directory

Silver - $1,275.00
Provide a sponsorship for 5 students and get your name listed and your company logo included in our sponsor directory with links to your company website.

Gold - $5,100.00
During our limited-time offer which runs through September 2009, provide a sponsorship for 20 students for a selected school and get your name listed in our directory of sponsors as well as your company logo with links to your website and your company name and logo printed on marketing material for that school (Sponsor by Company A). Materials include outdoor banner, brochure, flyers, and on school's website) for one full year

Platinum - Call Us for details
Provide a sponsorship to an entire school district and get all the above plus an exclusive promotional video, bio, and press release announcing your dedicated contribution to the field of education for youth. You become an Exclusive Partner for the life of the school's membership with WebTech Kids. Your brand will be listed on all WebTech Institute promotional information nationwide including tradeshow booths, brochures, email marketing communications, online advertising, webcasts, and direct mail material.

Fill out our Sponsor form by clicking here.

Make a Donation
If you would like to simply make a donation toward this program to benefit youth in need, click here.

Need a school to sponsor?
Click here for our current listing of potential schools across the country.

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