The WebTech Kids E-Learning program is easy to integrate into your existing curriculum. Our program is offered as an annual license, renewable each year. Class sessions are performed through trained instructors using pre-developed lesson plans with core themes.

Teacher Training
Our experts work with your facility to provide preliminary training for your selected instructors. This is a requirement in order to provide students with the highest standards of learning our program. This full day work session can be conducted on-site or through our online web session. Instructors become familiar with the structure of the lesson plans, learn the basics of the three core software programs and how to apply them to every lesson.

Lessons and Quizzes

Every lesson taught is reinforced with core principles of academics, business, and character building. Students are tested at the end of each lesson with vocabulary words, written and electronic quizzes, and through developmental observation by the instructor. Students have access to challenge activities to help reinforce the knowledge they've attained.

Software Training

Students are trained to use 3 core software programs as part of their daily classes. The programs include Word Processing (Microsoft Word), Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop Elements), and Web Development software (Microsoft FrontPage).

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Start Your WebTech Kids Program:

I. Sign up for a WebTech Kids consultant to walk you through the program

II. Once you decide to activate the program, you will receive a WebTech Kids Kit that contains:

A Teacher's Guide, Training Modules and Curriculum
A Student Manual
A starter package of class material
Your facility listed in our "Preferred Childcare Network"
Promotional Marketing templates for flyers, email marketing and print advertising to increase traffic to your facility
The option to develop a custom website for your program
Access to our online network that provides information on pre-qualified teachers in your area, downloaded lesson plans and student activities
Access for students to online learning activities and games
Access for parents to parenting tips and financial support information

Optional - Onsite WebTech Kids Instructor
Instead of using your own staff or finding teachers through our teacher network, you can request to use one of our trained professional WebTech Kids instructors. They'll do all the work and set up the environment to have your program run professionally. Call us for details.